Monday, May 2, 2011

Beefy green beans!

Its super easy.. I mean..simple as simple gets...
People do you make your green beans?
Well once you make them like this you wont want them any other way!
Just ask my mother!
I used to hate green beans..
Actually I hated anything green!
But now I can eat them all the time!!

So what do you need???
I said simple right??

1 can of cut green beans
3 beef bouillon cubes
Bacon bits (canned) fresh crisp bacon (couple strips will do) or bacon grease (1 tsp)
Salt & pepper

Just add the green beans & bouillon cubes in a pot
Add your bacon of your choice..
And a little salt & pepper.. not much.. because the bacon and bouillon cubes make it salty..
Bring to a boil..
Then reduce to a simmer for a couple minutes..

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