Friday, April 22, 2011

I dont bake.. I cook!

So I wont be getting around to posting recipes tonight..
But I will start out saying.. my kitchen is nothing fancy.. its country..but it works.. if i had my dream kitchen... oh lets just say I could work wonders!!
Im not a professional cook.. its just something I love to do! and i like to say im good at it..and yes i may be "skinny" but i do eat what i cook!
I ALWAYS make a huge mess when I cook..but I hate cleaning it up!!
I love trying new recipes.. and you should to!
Having 2 kids limits my cooking i thrive on simple and fast!!
I dont bake.. i hate to bake.. most things that go in the oven for me burn.. and thats no joke.. i literally have to watch it cook!.. so if i post something that requires baking.. you know its good or its easy! lol
Have Fun switch it up!
If you havent checked it out you need to.. the Pioneer Women.. she is a genius when it comes to well.. EVERYTHING! she makes awesome country style food.. and her blogs are a must read!!

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